Haykuykuy – Welcome (in Quechua) From Our Tour Guides in Cusco, Peru

My name is Wilson, and I am the head guide of the tour guides in Cusco, Peru for Qosqo Pacha Tours. I was born in the city of Cusco and am tremendously proud of my roots, traditions and ancestral customs. I even have Inca blood running through my veins. 

My family still lives the cultural heritage of our ancestors every day. For instance, my parents speak the Cusco dialect of the Incan language, Quechua, as a second language. I was very fortunate to learn this language that was nearly lost over time. It survived the test of time due to my ancestors passing it down from generation to generation and Cusco’s tight-knitted community. Because of this heritage, I have many stories and anecdotes that I will gladly share with you. 

I have also worked in conducting archaeological research for the National Institute of Culture. In the archaeological parks of Saqsayhuaman and Pisa, we excavated and restored Inca walls and agricultural terraces. Both are fascinating heritage sites near the city of Cusco.

These archaeological explorations in my younger years in addition to my Inca roots sparked my interest in becoming a Cusco guide.

My Career in Tourism

My career path began when I self-taught myself English, French and Portuguese fueled by my passion for travelling and discovering new cultures. Furthermore, I decided to study tourism to become a certified tour guide.

I have worked in different facets of my profession. From adventure tourism, such as trekking/bicycles/rafting, to conventional tourism, I have helped curious adventurers explore their surroundings. 

Founding Qosqo Pacha Tours

Qosqo Pacha Tours was founded in 2018 to provide free walking tours and other experiences to visitors of Cusco. ‘Qosqo’ is the Quechua word for Cusco, while ‘Pacha’ means city, land or earth. Therefore, ‘Qosqo Pacha’ can be translated into English as ‘City of Cusco’ or ‘Land of Cusco’. 

The size of our team depends on demand, and we employ other enthusiastic locals with a similarly rich heritage.

Come Join Us in Cusco

With a private Cusco tour guide or on our free morning and afternoon tours, we will take you on a delightful experience of our city. Cusco is full of mysteries, so we would like to invite you to walk with our tour guides in Cusco, Peru. Discover its charm, learn its magical history, and explore the city with all five senses. 

Allin p’unchay kachun – Have a nice day!